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The shared story of our Northern Nevada experience defines us all. Its a story of belonging, and transformation, and giving back. Here’s how we’re building up the places we call home.
Ryan Dustin, CEO of Aspen Earthworks - at the Highway Clean Up

A simple act of kindness along the I-80 highway.

A homeless encampment along the I-80 highway near the Truckee River was plagued by years of neglect and piles of trash and debris. After a call from Karma Box founder, Grant Denton, we realized we could make a difference.

We teamed up with Junk King and Lifestyle Homes for a heartfelt day of volunteer effort. Four 14-yard dumpsters of trash were ultimately removed, making for a safer space and brightening spirits for some of Reno’s most vulnerable.

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Truckee River Clean-up
Our team volunteers time and machinery to keep the river we know and love free from trash and debris. We’re in a unique position because all too often debris is unreachable without the use of heavy equipment – equipment we’re happy to provide. Together we can all help keep the Truckee River healthy, sustainable, and clean.

For more information about how to keep the Truckee River healthy, please visit: www.onetruckeeriver.org

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